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Akim Benamara 12/01/2023

Great coffee, great service and super friendly & competent owners! Using their coffee beans every day at the office! From our perspective - best coffee in town!

Rainbow Chaser 12/12/2022

Fantastic freshly roasted beans, they roast daily and it's evident in the remarkable flavors bursting in every sip! Very knowledgeable friendly staff and management, speaks English and always happy to help. It's a pretty small space with a few tables inside and outside can get very busy at times. I tried the house blend in a double shot Americano, Guatemala in an Espresso, Nicaragua with a French press and Honduras in a V60. Nicaragua and Honduras were just roasted so I was told by the manager, it's best to try them after 3 days in a V60 or French press, I loved the Nicaragua, Guatemala was acidic in an Espresso as if was just roasted as well but it was good and I'll definitely try it again in an Americano.
It really is the best place in Varna for Specialty Coffee lovers. Prices are similar to any other specialty Coffee Shop in Varna. They also have a great assortment of delicious pastries, sweets and croissant sandwiches peppered on-site.

Mats Nalsen 11/12/2022

Great coffee and made by friendly people. Highly recommend it!!!
My first experience with Jasmin Specialty coffee was about 6 months ago, when by pure chance I was near by their roastery near Varna with my family. There I was friendly welcome, and even when they were not expecting me, I was shown around and able to taste one of their recently roasted coffee from Ethiopia.
The coffee was so good that I bought 2 packages of 500 grams so I can try more at home..
Since then, I've been buying coffee from them online every month and enjoying freshly roasted coffee at home.

Piotr Kowalski 18/08/2022

High quality single origins and blends for one of the best coffee experiences I have ever had in Bulgaria. I went for Nicaragua and this one is a true kick that helps you fight the heat outside. Amazing place, nice people! it will be always a pleasure to come back here.

Adriana Rosca 01/07/2022

5 stars for your products and services!

Теодора Петрова 30/06/2022

Страхотно кафе, аромата е уникален! Много харесвам концепцията на заведението

George Nikolov 08/06/2022

Много добра селекция от кафе, чай и сладки изкушенията, които се предлагат. Уютна обстановка, макар и с малко места за сядане. При хубаво време може и отвън, но повечето места са на слънце.

Teodora Totolakova 24/05/2022

Страхотно кафе, десерти и много приятна атмосфера!

Zvezdelina Zlateva 31/10/2021

Страхотни сте!Уникално кафе!

Klimentina Doncheva 30/06/2021

Място, на което може да се откъснеш от забързаното ежедневие. Тук винаги те посрещат и изпращат с усмивка. В момента, в който доближиш Jasmin биваш обгърнат от невероятния аромат на прясно изпечено кафе, повяряайте ми, трудно някой би устоял на това изкушение... аз лично не успявам :))))

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